Selected Teaching

University of California, Davis. Undergraduate: ENL117 Shakespeare: the Late Plays; ENL40 Out of this World: Utopian and Dystopian Experiments. Graduate: ENL232 Problems in English Literature: Renaissance Oecologies from More to Milton; ENL246 Seventeenth Century Literature: Worlding in Milton and Cavendish.

Simon Fraser University, Canada. Undergraduate: Eng102w Introduction to Poetry (writing intensive), Eng105w Cultural Topics: Utopia, Eng203 Early Modern Literature, Eng310 Studies in Early Modern Literature excluding Shakespeare (Other Worlds in early modern literature and Spenser: The Faerie Queene), Eng313 Late Shakespeare, Eng410w Topics in Early Modern Non-dramatic Literature (Elizabeth I and Her Age and Romance in England after the Reformation), Eng482 Topics in Cultural Studies (from Romance to Fantasy, Transforming motifs from Homer to GRR Martin). Graduate: Eng831 Studies in Early Modern Literature (two versions: Romance in early modern England, the Ungodly in Renaissance England).